Casting production fall under four main groups, iron (pig iron, nodular cast iron, temper), steel, copper alloys and aluminum alloys, depending on their basic metallurgical characteristics.

AKM offers a variety of product groups for the foundry industry in Turkey. Some of them are core adhesives, core and mould air vents, induction furnace linings and lining back-up micanite products. 

Additionally, the range of products we offer include ladle insulating products (microporous products) used in the foundries, complete insulation solutions for the annealing and heat treatment furnaces, Kanthal heating elements, seals and textiles used on the furnace doors, JM, TJM bricks, textile filters (flexil) and refractory anchors. 

We also offer non-asbestos boards and seals (Nefalit-Millboard) with high mechanical resistance used in the centrifugal casting.

Main product group which AKM offers to foundry industry are given at below links:

Industrial Insulating Products



Textile Filters

Core and Mold Adhesive

Sector Representative / Representatives

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