With a quarter century of experience behind it, AKM insulating applications in the energy sector are supported with a wide range of materials specifically for this industry, our company also renders service in connection with solution-oriented portfolio.

Supported by different product groups, we offer turnkey services to the companies in the energy industry and special solutions to different application fields. Our products are successfully used in the stack and combustion boilers, recycling equipment, gauffer plate furnaces, cylinder furnaces, solar energy panels, etc. 

In addition to ceramic and Superwool fiber application, the products we offer in this sector include dense concretes with high friction and wear resistance. Also back-up insulation castables, insulation bricks for the reducing atmospheres, microporous products, insulating pillows, valve jackets, compensator, fire blankets, welding covers, insulating jackets, high temperature textiles, rockwool are in our product range.

Main product groups offered to the Energy sector:

Industrial Insulating Products


Refractory Reinforcement

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