This industry has also started to use Firemaster® product group thanks to the establishment of a set of international standards in the field of fire protection.  

The Firemaster® family of products have all fire protection certificates required in shipbuilding, design service is also offered to the user completely for a customized solution. 

The Firemaster® family of products include:

• Achievement of the desired weight of 2.4 kg/m2 on the A60 steel deck,

• Toxic-free and compliance with UK MOD standards,

• No smoke formation during a fire as it does not contain a chemical binder,

• Hydrocarbon fire resistance as it is resistant up to 1200 oC,

• DNV and MED certified with respect to fire protection of the steel, aluminium and FRP composite building,

• Designed for easy and quick application,

• Maximization of the temperature insulation together with sound reduction and absorbency insulation. 

Besides FireMaster® group of products, we serve the industry with other products characterized by high temperature resistance and sound insulation.

Main product groups served to the marine industry are;

FireMaster Products

High Temperature Textile Products

Rockwool Products 

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