The Turkish cement industry ranks first among the leading sectors with a capacity of 70 million tons of clinker, 100 million tons of cement and a sales volume of 80 million tons. AKM provides services to this sector directly or indirectly.                                                                                       

Cement kiln is considered as the biggest movable production furnace. There are kilns worldwide 300m in length with a diameter of 7.5m and capable of rotating 20 and 80 times hourly.

For these kilns, AKM supply high-temperature resistant refractory and insulating products; together with special refractories with different insulating materials used in the maintenance.

Furthermore, in co-operation with Morgan Advanced Materials-Thermal Ceramic which we represent in Turkey, we provide a complete solution service for kiln design.

The main product groups which are supplied to the cement industry;

Industrial Insulation Products


SiC Products

Refractory Reinforcement

Sector Representative / Representatives

İlker Arısoy


Gürler Ataş


Aslı Eriş