With its wide range of products, AKM provides to the industrial furnace sector energy efficiency and increased service time of equipment, including design and application. 

In particular our products include ceramic and superwool fiber and their derivatives, JM, TJM, and K brick series as well as Isolmos bricks, ceramic and glass fiber textiles, refractory castables, anchors, steel fibers, asbestos-free boards, kiln furniture (ceramic rollers, cordierite plates, SiC products), Kanthal heating elements, microporous products, rockwools and Ca-Si boards.

We are constantly developing our product portfolio in line with the updated requests of the sector partners. The demands are met from our extensive stock facilities. 

Annealing furnaces, roller and shuttle kilns, hobby, medical and ceramic furnaces, forging and heat treatment furnaces are some of the types we supply. 

Product groups offered to furnace industry are mainly;

Industrial Insulation Products


Kiln Furniture

Refractory Reinforcement

Sector Representative / Representatives

İlker Arısoy

İbrahim Göker

Gürler Ataş