AKM has extensive knowledge and experience in insulating products for use in the domestic appliances industry.

High performance and low-budget insulation solutions are offered to meet the sector's requirements. The insulation requirement in this sector is satisfied by our Superwool products posing no harm to humans and the environment, featuring powerful acoustic and thermal insulation. In addition, Vacunanex microporous products, E-glass fibre products, high temperature textiles, rockwool products are in AKM's portfolio to serve this industry. 

Our products are successfully used primarily for the heating and cooling equipment including water heaters, coolers, driers, industrial kitchen equipment, air-conditioning units, home heaters, fireplaces.

Below is a list of our main domestic product groups:

Superwool (Soluble ) Products

Microporous and Aerogel Products

High Temperature Textile Products

Rockwool Products

Asbestos-Free Boards and Gaskets

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