The great philosopher Albert Schweitzer said: "There is no worship greater than serving to the humanity. Working for the common benefits is the biggest faith."

Having set forth basing our philosophy on this, AKM Metalurji continues towards this target adhering to our mission envisaged in 1992.

We foster our minds with great ideas and have the courage to go on and achieve these, being equipped with the technical information and knowledge. We contribute to a great variety of industries. One of our strengths is our ability to listen, evaluating events from our customers point of view is vital.

"A person asking a question may look like a fool for five minutes, but those not asking any questions will remain life-long fools." a Chinese proverb. This is at the heart of AKM, we never stop questioning, learning and looking for the best solutions for our customers.

At AKM we know a company needs to make money. However, it is with modesty we know that our contribution amidst our customers is to achieve this sustainably. This is our motivation helping us, our customers and our country.

"The tree with the most fruit slants towards the ground the most." We will continue to serve our customers and our country with modesty.

Finally, we extend our thanks to the people in the industry and to our business partners who have supported us and equate the word "quality" with AKM.

AKM Metalurji

Business Partners