Fire protection precautions are vital components in modern and complex buildings. Also called passive fire protection precautions, these methods are known as the most effective and cost-effective protection systems.

A great number of problems that occur can be solved in advance by taking of measures at the construction stage for buildings people use collectively such as high-rise buildings, industrial plants, hotels, sports halls and stadiums, airport terminals, subways, tunnels, underground constructions, military and civil vessels, petrochemical and offshore platforms.

Firemaster products by Morgan Advanced Materials-Thermal Ceramics are the most important group of materials used in fire protection. The basic feature of the products  is that they are certificated by the most comprehensive national and international fire resistance standards.

Required fire protection measures are successfully taken in the production stage by employing blankets, boards, specially shaped products and coated special materials included in the Firemaster product group.

Firemaster products are successfully used with mentioned buildings, roofs and tunnels, fire and lift doors, valve and flanges, zones with high fire risk, heating-cooling and cable ducts from supplies made available to the users from AKM stocks.

The main fire protection product group in the range of AKM are;

Firemaster Products

Rockwool Products


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