Our products provided by Morgan Advanced Materials-Thermal Ceramics we represent in Turkey serve perfectly for this sector.

Particularly high temperature insulation products (Kaowool, Cerablanket, Cerachem and Superwool blanket, Pyro-blok, Z-blok, JM, K, TJM bricks ) as well as castables of Firecrete, Firelite, Trimor series, microporous products, insulating pillows, valve jackets, compensators, fire blankets, welding covers, insulating jackets, high temperature textiles, rockwools, anchors constitute our portfolio of products specifically for this industry. 

AKM provides customer-oriented and cost-effective solutions for specific atmospheric conditions as well as a variety of chemical attacks. It also provides products for direct flame contact and special conditions where hydrogen presence may create problems.

To the Petrochemical industry we provide:

Industrial Insulating Products

High Temperature Textile Products

Fabric Layered Insulation Products


Refractory Reinforcement

SiC Products

Sector Representative / Representatives

İlker Arısoy

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