Product Info:

Description: Rigid boards manufactured using Superwool® Plus and Superwool® HT fibres, refractory fillers, organic and inorganic binders. They are low biopersistent materials. Thanks to their special structure, they can be used in direct contact with flame. They show good impact resistance thus prevents breaking during the installation. Superwool® fibre meets the requirements specified under NOTE Q of European Regulation 1272/2008. All Superwool®  fibre products are therefore exonerated from labeling requirements in Europe.

Classification Temperature

Superwool® Plus Board 75    :   900 °C

Superwool® Plus H Board     :   900 °C

Superwool® Plus Board 85   :  1000 oC

Superwool® Plus Board LTI   : 1100 °C

Superwool® Plus Board INO : 1100 °C