Product Info:

Microporous™ products are characterized by their much lower thermal conductivity values compared to other insulating materials. With their thermal conductivity values in range of 0.021 and 0.042 W/m.K and extraordinary insulating capability, these products provide better insulation even than the air. They do not contain harmful additives for the environment and human health.

Microbifire® 1000     : Classification temperature of -70 / +1000 °C

Microbifire® 1100 HT: Classification temperature of -70 /  +1100 °C


Microbifire® Slatted: Version of Microbifire 1000 and Microbifire 1100 HT products. It is slatted material and completely coated by aluminium foil.


Microflexibifire® 1100 HT: This product is the flexible version of Microbifire 1100 HT as coated by high temperature resistant cloth.


Vacunanex® HT 1100:  Produced under vacuum as coated by aluminium folio. It is flexible, resistant to rupture, not spreading dust and having low shrinkage value.


Vacunanex®: Produced under vacuum as coated by aluminium foil. With its thermal conductivity value of 0.0045 W/m.K, it is successfully used for building and home appliances.