Product Info:

Material Type: Vacuum Shaped Ceramic Fibre Boards

Classification Temperature: From 1260 oC up to 1600 oC, depending on grade.

Description: Kaowool™ 1260, Strong, 1400, 1600 and 1600S boards are produced from refractory fiber compositions specially developed to give rigid, self supporting boards with excellent high temperature properties. Board is designed for use in applications requiring higher rigidity than blanket forms, and, as a result of its higher density, has improved thermal insulation properties and abrasion resistance.

Kaowool boards are obtained by vacuum forming process. The process allows the production of white boards in a wide dimensional choice with an excellent homogeneity throughout the thickness which ease machining of the boards when needed. All board formulations contain a small amount of organic binder to improve the cold handling strength and this burns out on first firing at approximately 200-300oC.