Product Info:

I-60 SIR: With its superior characteristics, Hycast™ I-60 SIR has changed the rules in the aluminium refining process. It has excellent hydrogen and inclusion elimination performance.


AFM Casting System: With the moulding system adjustable to different sizes, Hycast™ AFM puts an end to the conventional method of using a separate mould for each size in the aluminium sheet cast.


GC/LPC Billet Casting Technology: Hycast™ GC casting technology has been developed for production of extrusion billets which have excellent surface quality. It has been safely used for more than 20 years in Hydro foundries worldwide. Hycast™ LPC technology is new and superior casting system developed for production of hard alloys and billets of large diameters.


RAM–Alkali Metal Cleaner: Hycast™ RAM has been developed to remove the alkali elements (Na, Ca, Li, etc.) present in the liquid aluminium coming from electrolysis unit in smelters.