Product Info:


Manufactured from FireMaster® Plus fibre, FireMaster® Marine Plus Blanket is a highly insulating blanket especially developed for fire protection applications that are very space or weight sensitive. Compared to standard FireMaster® Blanket, FireMaster® Marine Plus Blanket require either less thickness or lower density specifications to meet the same fire ratings, resulting in typical savings of 20% to 30% in applied weight.

No binder is used during manufacture therefore no smoke will be emitted in a fire. FireMaster® Marine Plus Blanket is non-combustible, very flexible, easily cut and simple to install. Manufactured exclusively from Morgan Thermal Ceramics Superwool® Plus low bio-persistent fibres, FireMaster® Marine Plus Blanket is exonerated from carcinogen classification under Note Q of the Europian Union Directive 97/69 EC.