Product Info:

Turbine Insulation Jackets 

Insulation jackets are used in order to ensure that the energy is used with the most possible efficiency or with the minimum loss of heat-transformed energy.


Valve and Flange Jackets

It is used to provide energy conservation on all types of valves, flanges and auxiliary equipment working with high temperature. As they are different (portable) from the conventional insulating systems, it allows quick intervention.



Compensators with cloth layers absorb the stress, expansion and vibration arising from temperature changes on the pipes and ducts, thus ensure operation and maintenance of the system without any problem. It may be produced one or multiple layer depending on the place of application and equipment.


Welding Curtain

It is safely used up to 1100 oC against sparks during the operation. Produced in any required dimension. It prevents direct contact of the spark, burr and flame which occurs during welding, grinding, cutting operations and allows splash to cool down safely.


Fire Blanket

These products are covered on the flame source in the initial stage of the fire in order to prevent the spread of the fire.