Product Info:

Material Type: Ceramic Fiber Boards 

Classification Temperature 

Ceraboard® 100: 1260 °C

Ceraboard®  115: 1400 °C


Ceraboard® is a refractory fiber board supplied in panels of standard thicknesses made from a slurry of refractory fibers and binders which have a low organic content. The combination of different refractory fibres, inorganic and organic binders in different proportions allow boards to be suitable for different use temperatures. 

Ceraboard 100® is recommended for all applications up to 1260 °C and where direct flame or hot gas exposure is possible. Ceraboard ®115 has a good uniformity of thickness and possesses good flexural and compressive strength before and after heating. It is ideal as hot face lining, resisting direct flame and hot gas abrasion