With an annual average steel production of 32 million tons, Turkey ranks 9th in the world at the end of 2015. In 2016, it will reach 34 million tons. Basing on the capacity utilization rate of 65%, it is one of the most significant industries in Turkey.

Accounting for 70% of the total refractory use in the internal market, the industry has witnessed increased investments and applications for reduction of the energy costs in recent years. AKM has continued to contribute to this sector. Our organization serves the iron-steel industry not only by the supply of products, but also application and engineering solutions. 

Primary subjects of service provided by our company include: 

• Insulation and refractory applications for the annealing furnaces,

• Insulation and refractory applications for the heat treatment furnaces,

• Ladle back-up insulating applications,

• Ladle pre-heating cover insulation, 

• Tundish back-up insulation. 

We supply a range of products to the sector:

Ceramic fiber products,

• Superwool fiber products,

• Microporous products,

• High temperature resistant textile products,

• Fabric-layered special textile products,

• Insulating refractory firebricks and mortars

Asbestos-free gaskets and seals,

• Refractory castables,

• Refractory additives

While our products are energy saving, they stand out as they are quick to apply. The types of materials we supply for back-up insulation increase the service life of working refractories, thus extending maintenance intervals.

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