With an average annual production of 325 million m2, Turkey ranks 8th in the world in the production of floor and wall ceramic tiles. It is also first in Europe and fourth in global sanitary products with 280 thousands of ton capacity.

Ceramic tableware and ornamental articles have gained considerable momentum exporting around USD 200 million. 

The local refractory industry in this area meets about 75% of local demand. It has a production capacity of 550 thousands tons/year and some of its production is exported.

The technical ceramic industry, porcelain insulators (80% total) and electro-porcelain products (15% total), has developed considerably compared to previous years. According to 2015 statistics, this sector has the production capacity of 21,000 tons/year for porcelain insulators, and 5000 tons/year for electro-porcelain and technical ceramic production.

As to the glass industry varying between third and seventh rank worldwide dependent on different ranking criteria, Turkey is cited amongst the most prestigious production countries worldwide, due to the production scale it has reached, specialization degree and highly competitive operations. In terms of production capacity, the sector ranks 3rd for glass home articles, 5th in glass packaging, 6th for flat glass, and 12th for glass fiber. Furthermore, a great number of companies producing processed glass play a significant role in the sector. 

Our company provides ceramic and glass industries with a wide range of products, including refractory, insulating and complementary products. In addition to the traditional insulating and refractory products, they also include Superwool fibres, Pyro-bloc, Z-bloc, JM bricks, and microporous products with low thermal conductivity. 

Ceramic rollers produced by Cerollex, cordierite-mullite and SiC kiln furniture manufactured by NGK as well as Kanthal heating elements are available to the users immediately from our extensive stocks. 

Additionally, we also provide service through the glass industry for high-temperature resistant glass contact and textile products.

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